Need an electromagnetic dent remover on hand?
Fluxtronic offers the best: the Portable Flux 3 dent remover.

The Fluxtronic Portable Flux 3 (PF3) electromagnetic dent remover pulls dents from aluminum aircraft skins that no other dent remover can. Thats partly because every aspect of the PF3 dent remover system has been designed to provide performance and reliability. While similar to the technology that originated at Boeing many years ago, the PF3 dent remover was innovated and developed by Fluxtronic to improve the technology. In fact we have more than doubled the energy storage and power handling capability in the PF3 power supply versus the older EDR power supplies built by Electroimpact. More importantly the electrical power in the PF3 dent remover is handled and delivered by a new digital power waveform circuit that is adjustable and monitored entirely on the tool. New safety features are also introduced and only Fluxtronic has eliminated those failure mechanisms that randomly turn the competitor power supplies into dent makers. The PF3 electromagnetic dent remover will save the airlines, aircraft owners, and the aircraft manufacturers time and money. As a small business Fluxtronic will entertain all avenues to offer the PF3 electromagnetic dent remover so that it can be put to use wherever aircraft and aluminum vehicles have dents.

  • Features
    Digital power waveform
    Auto coil calibrate
    Temperature compensation
    SPC data logging
  • Tool Controls
    Backlit LCD (16x2)
    Red and green indicator lights
    Digital rotary selector
    Two hand pushbuttons
    Power discharge safety switch
  • Input Power
    110 volt, 15 amp, 50-60 Hz (or)
    220 volt, 10 amp, 1 50-60 Hz
  • Dimension
    61 x 37 x 35 in. [ 153 x 93 x 89 cm ]
  • Pulse Cable
    10 - 50 ft [ 3 - 15 meter ]
    configuration dependent
  • Weight
    1000 lbs, configuration dependent
    Gun: 25 lbs
  • Environment
    0-45 deg C ambient