These were some dents that we removed last December.

They demonstrate some advancement in electromagnetic dent removal with a capability to shrink dents that no former dent remover has had. We will be taking pictures more aggresively now and adding to this collection.

Falcon 20 leading edge hail damage.

Two dents that were the severest on this aircraft. The amount of deformation can be estimated by the ratio of the depth and the diameter. These two dents were 3 times over what the former electromagnetic dent removers can remove.
This dent was stretched even deeper. For aircraft with bleed air anti-icing we can remove the dents from the leading edge and leave the second wall untouched to restore the air passage.

Falcon 900 engine inlet D-ring versus dropped buffing tool.

This dent was special because it was the first time a dent has been removed from a concave surface with an EDR. It requires a specially modified coil and Fluxtronic was able to deliver.